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Make your home the city’s heart. 

BIG or small.

Classy landscaping doesn’t just make a difference. 

Cargylelawn indifference to the conventional designs out there makes the majority of the classy landscaping in Midland Texas today.

And it is not just our indifference you deserve.

It is the result. Landscaping that redefines the overall outlook of your property.

Brings more buyers your way.

And lets you confidently decide your selling price.

This is who we are…

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Who Is Cargylelawn?

We are the leading local landscaping Midland tx company recognized and loved for our down-to-earth approach to lawn care, tree removal, and landscaping design.

For the past 10 years, Cargylelawn has been serving Midland and the surrounding Texas environs with state-of-the-art landscaping solutions at unbeatable prices.

As our goal is to keep getting the industry shaky by constantly coming up with a new definition for what great quality, good price, and reliability should be, we have become a number one choice for best-in-class residential and commercial landscaping solutions in Texas.

See our lines of services below.

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Lawn care Midland TX –  Do you want our topnotch maintenance and care for your lawn every month or every year? Escape the lies and frustrations from the fly-by-night landscapers Midland Tx. Get a free quotation right away for the VIP treatment our team of experts offers. Or just let us call you instead.

We know your expectations whenever trees are claiming the territories of your home. Our tree removal team is equipped with the most sophisticated tools and equipment for completeness in accuracy and safety to secure new growth and ensure there’s no damage done on your backyard or lawn.

Timeless Landscaping; eye-grabby woodland, nature-birthed organic gardens, Rossy butterfly gardens, you just name it. We are not just capable but also willing. Whether you want the combination of 3 landscaping designs in one or you want to keep it simple stupid, we are your first and last port of call. Call us for free right away for a free quote. Timelessness in value, that is what every member on our team is trained to put heart and brain into while designing your landscapes. We are also invested in both the most ancient and modern Japanese gardens and Xeriscapes, whether impressionistic, representational, or abstract. 

Shrubs removal and mowing; when the facial expression of your lawn changes, you call us. Why? Cleanliness, accuracy, safety, and beauty. That’s why. Our mowing machines are custom-made thanks to the daring adventure of our in-house engineers into the future. These machines are given the heart of humans, professional and certified mower drivers who know the unique longitude and latitude that are to be taken to get your lawn mown with consistency in shape and height. We are the best you can call for hilly lawns and those rugged terrains that your former lawn service providers used to avoid. You paid for it, so why won’t we deliver.

Some of Our

SOME OF Our Recent Projects

Commercial Services

Business-Calling Landscaping; we know what landscaping design works best for your business location. From a welcoming front entrance to a beautiful and convenient outdoor seating/common area to walkways reeking in large container plants with seasonal color rotation. Our landscaping ideas, once fleshed out, serve as hookers to the heart of potential investors so you can get more businesses day-in-day-out.

Home-Selling Landscape designs; let your projects sell themselves and all the work you have to do is decide who you sell to and at what price. That is what a perfect landscape should do. And that we are committed to. Whether you sell offices, homes, or other buildings, our landscape solutions are spot-on.

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